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Cop Combat + Hostage Defence in one double DVD set:

Cop Combat - Filmed over one week at the Police Academy, Antwerp, it includes practical Kyusho-Jutso against unarmed and armed assailants, handcuffing and restraint techniques, officer tactics and awareness, weapon retention, etc. No-nonsense real take-down and control methods are shown as vital parts of each officer's armoury.
Hostage Defence - The worst nightmare for any cop or cabin crew member is to be taken hostage by an armed aggressor. Learn the techniques taught to law enforcement officers and special intervention squads for dealing with pistols, edged weapons, shotguns, baseball bats, and more!

Double DVD or single USB

This older video recording is not of the same standard as current editions, but has interesting and valid content.

USB/DVD - LETS set: Cop Combat + Hostage Defence

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