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Karate for the real world

'I encourage you to spread the word regarding the value of Kata training and what it really teaches a student. Too many karateka think that there is fighting and then there is kata for "form". Kata is fighting.....the problem as I see it is that much of the true knowledge that Kata is trying to teach has been obscured by years of  myth and misunderstanding by most instructors. I hope that with the expansion of the internet and the opening up of communications between martial artists, we can all have availability to your instruction.'

Mike Black Shorinji-ryu Renshinkan Gainesville, Florida, USA

The sword was considered to be the ‘Soul’ of the Samurai, and the blade itself a venerated object of both beauty and deadly efficiency; a fusion of harmony and function.

The Kissaki is the term for the deadly sharp cutting edge of the very tip.

At most, many karate schools boasted that they were champions of this and that competition, and they were just that, champions of a competition, where rules and regulations prohibited the use of real, effective techniques in the sporting arena. And rightly so, as these techniques were highly dangerous and some even lethal when applied properly.

Kissaki Kai has taken karate back to its origins, past the point-scoring sports forms, and right back to the art of self-defense it once was. It teaches the fundamental 5 elements of Combat:

1. Ne-waza - Groundwork, grappling

2. Nage-waza - Throwing techniques 

3. Atemi-waza - Vital point striking 

4. Shime-waza - Choking techniques 

5. Kansetsu-waza - Joint Locking Techniques

The application of these waza are being guided by the Rules of Combat and the bunkai (applications) hidden in the ancient kata.

Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do was founded by Vince Morris, now 9th Dan of Nottingham, Great Britain in March 1993 at the behest of senior black belt members who had become disillusioned with what the "traditional" karate schools had to offer in terms of "real" fighting techniques.

The serious martial artist can gain an appreciation of the depth of knowledge in Kissaki-Kai by reading the various books and consulting the training videos produced. You will be welcome to join a seminar in your area, or to attend training at a Kissaki-Kai Dojo. Please email for any questions or to be placed on the free email newsletter list where you can find all information and the latest news.

'Kissaki Kai is not like fighting an opponent, it is an execution.'

About Vince Morris

Vince Morris BA(Hons.) 9th Dan Kissaki-Kai (9th Dan I.S.O.K.)

Now in his seventies, with more than 60 years Martial Arts experience, Vince Morris is a leading authority in the world of karate and his effective no-nonsense approach to his art has earned him worldwide respect. He regularly taught Tactical Officer Protection courses at the Antwerp Police Academy and for a variety of other Law Enforcement agencies which has brought him many commendations and citations for his extraordinary skills along with the acknowledgement that these skills have saved lives!

Always concerned with making the art of karate as effective as he knew it could be, Vince developed Kissaki-Kai Karate, and by utilising his knowledge of pressure points and the “Rules of Combat” has seen it develop into a well-rounded system of personal protection.

Vince Morris has influenced many of today’s leading instructors both directly and indirectly via his teaching and numerous books and videos on applied karate. Kissaki-Kai has branch Dojo all over the world, in Europe, China and the USA.

Now based in France, Vince continues to oversee the development of Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do International.​

  • Chairman & Chief Instructor: Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do

  • Chairman International Society for Okinawa and Japanese Karate.

  • Past chairman of the MAC (martial arts commission - government body to oversee all martial arts in England) )

  • Senior Coach English Karate Governing Body.

  • Director: Law Enforcement Training Services International.

  • Member ILEETA (Int. Law Enforcement Trainers and Educators Assn.

  • Consultant Instructor to various Law Enforcement Services world-wide - Law Enforcement Tactics & Officer Protection

  • Twice awarded Police Academy Citations for "Professionalism and amazing skills."

  • Recognised authority on close-range combat tactics and the use of vital points.

  • Acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost instructors and lecturers in the field of Police Officer Tactics and safety, and of karate and allied combat arts.

  • Called by Ex-White House Security Advisor: "The Master who teaches the Professionals."

  • Former Director: International Institute for Kyusho-Jutsu Research.

  • Former Chairman of the Martial Arts Commission, a UK Government (Home Office) instigated body to oversee the standards and practice of all martial arts in England, reporting to the Sports Council and the Minister for Sport.

  • For many years a senior student of Shiro Asano SKI 8th Dan

  • SKI International and medalist in both kumite and kata, consistent member of the Asano sensei’s SKI (GB) British championship winning team.

  • Respected and recognised worldwide; coach to British Team at JKA World Championships - Dubai.

  • Experienced Judo-ka.

  • Designated by the US Govt. as possessing "Exceptional Skills and Talents."

  • Author of 12 books published world-wide, plus a series of instructional videos & DVDs

  • Regular National Magazine columnist in the UK and the USA.

  • In 2005 invited on to the board of technical advisors for Martial Arts Teachers.

Rank Awards

  • 2007 Awarded 8th Dan Black Belt by International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate

  • 2007 Awarded title of "Meijin" by International Martial Arts Symposium in recognition of..."Lifetime of dedication and leadership to the Martial Arts community and as a model of noble character..."

  • 2008 Awarded 8th Dan by awards panel of Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do.

  • 2016 Awarded 9th Dan by International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate (ISOK)

  • 2017 Ranked 9th Dan in Kissaki-Kai


  • Kissaki courses in various international locations. Please contact us for details on

  • The Kissaki autumn Camp in September in France is becoming a tradition. To date, visiting instructors have attended from the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

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