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Law Enforcement Training Services International.

(LETS Int. )

LETS provides practical and effective officer protection, arrest & control procedures which are used daily in Police Forces and Special Forces around the world. Easily integrated into existing training regimes, LETS techniques have a formidable record of success over many years!

"As a former Correctional Officer,  I would like to take this opportunity to tell anyone in law enforcement to take a reality check and go to one of Mr. Morris's seminars. The defensive tactics we were taught at the academy were ludricrous!   Even someone as inexperienced in self defense, as I was at the time, realized that the techniques we were being taught  would probably not work. After a few minutes into Mr. Morris's seminar I recognized that his techniques were real and could be used by anyone. I urge all law enforcement personal to come to one of Mr. Morris's seminars and  learn something that can save your life."   

Testimonial received after a seminar in April 09


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