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Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do

This is the home site of Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do and
Law Enforcement Training Services International.

We uphold the values and principles of the original purpose of the martial arts; to empower members with the ability to defend themselves, their families and the weak, and to foster the development of steadfastness, courage and integrity.

From this site you can learn more about us, contact instructors and Dojo in your own country, find out about seminars and special events, as well as order books, videos & DVDs.

We offer a true, field-tested defensive art for Police Forces and Special Forces as well as the entire family.


One Minute Dojo

Just two brief video clips: 'Kissaki one minute Dojo' - first ones in a series - short insights into a variety of Kata bunkai with tips to help develop your own effective defensive waza. Enjoy!

One Minute Dojo I

Tekki shodan/Naihanshin: Inner thigh kick set-up for neck-strike.

One Minute Dojo II

Bunkai for Manji-gamae in Sagi-ashi-dachi stance (crane).


New dates for 2015

For 2015 we already have a busy spring calender with seminars all over Europe: Holland, Sweden and Germany, the US summer camp is in planning and with more events to come. We look forward to meeting all our old friends as well as many new ones at the courses. Don't be afraid to take the plunge: Everyone is welcome!

Please also remember that it is easy to hold a seminar at your dojo. Please contact vincemorris@kissaki-kai.com if you are interested.

You can also keep an eye on our events calender here: seminars.htm and on Facebook under: facebook.com/pages/Kissaki-Karate-International


Teartime - thriller by Vince Morris

A gripping read from start to finish! You can order your copy of the book from our shop

or as a kindle from Amazon. Have a look at the trailer below:

Snake Oil in the martial arts world

Read Sensei Vince Morris latest article about so-called 'masters': Snake_Oil.pdf

Check out the Kissaki Distance Learning Website:

Below is an excerpt from one of the monthly downloads:

Here is what one subscriber recently e-mailed us:

I wanted to tell you I appreciate this month's master class video. The footage of the officer beating served as a great illustration of so many themes I encounter studying karate. That video alone expresses the need for realistic training! Where do you get those great videos? A collection of real violence footage helps narrow the discussion with those who tend to honor their ritualized training and have rarely, if ever, found themselves in a violent encounter. Thanks for all you do. David

For a closer look at what the Distance Learning Website has to offer go to:


Try out Kissaki-Kai!

Have you....    

Heard a lot about Kissaki?

Watched a clip on YouTube?

Saw some good bunkai?

    And now want to know more?

Then why not try us out?

If you live in Europe you can join the monthly events held by Sensei Don Came and Sensei Guy Janssens. For details please go to our 'upcoming events' page. Or look in the 'world dojo' page if there is a Kissaki representative near you.

No Kissaki dojo near you?

Then join our 'Distance Learning Website': You can watch a monthly episode designed to teach you Kissaki-Kai as well as help you plan your own sessions. As a member you will also receive a discount on Kissaki books and DVDs. You can stop your subscription at any time if you don't like what you see.

Or, if you would like to host a seminar in your area, please contact us at:



'News' and 'Seminars' pages - see what's happening in Kissaki-Kai

Let us know what is happening in YOUR dojo: Just send your photos and reports to: eva@kissaki-kai.com