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Real karate is self-defense!

What do we mean by that?

It's simple: Modern karate has become a sport, using techniques which win championships at competitions, where rules and regulations prohibit the use of real, effective techniques. However, when you are being attacked in the street there will be no referee present, who shouts 'STOP'. 'Real techniques' and 'real karate' therefore have to incorporate the often forgotten and neglected reality aspects of the martial art that karate was once intended to be.

Kissaki clubs worldwide therefore teach street-wise self-defense as well as popular sports karate for the entire family.

- If you are a student about to go to college and want to fend off a mugger or a rapist, you can learn exceptionally effective self-defense with us.

For many years Vince Morris, 8th Dan and founder of Kissaki-Kai, has developed a world-wide reputation for researching the principles that fights are based on and defined a set of rules applicable to all violent encounters, which can be found in the 'Rules of Combat'. Revisiting the old kata, karate's single forms against imaginary opponents, Vince Morris devised a uniquely effective system for self-defence based upon these rules as well as the original concepts and practical effectiveness of traditional karate.

Most Kissaki clubs hold frequent self-defense courses for those who do not wish to train regularly in karate. Please contact your local clubs for information. Contact details on the 'world dojo' page.

- If you want to stay fit and like to learn some new skills instead of simply working out at the gym, why not join Kissaki?

Regular exercise can...
1.  Help you to lose weight, especially fat
2. Improve your physical appearance
3. Increase your level of muscular strength and endurance
4. Maintain your resting metabolic rate to prevent weight gain
5. Increase your stamina and ability to do continuous work
6. Improve fitness levels, or your body's ability to use oxygen
7. Provide protection against injury
8. Improve your balance and co-ordination
9. Increase bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis
10. Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure
11. Lower Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight to height ratio
12. Reduce triglycerides, bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL)
13. Enhance sexual desire and performance
14. Reduce heart disease risk and stroke
15. Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer
16. Increase insulin sensitivity, preventing type 2 diabetes
17. Reduce anxiety and help with stress management
18. Improve function of the immune system
19. Improve your self-esteem and restore confidence
20. Help you sleep better, relax, and improve mood

Many adults are joining karate as a means to promote and retain fitness and health. Karate gives you an excellent all-round workout for all muscle groups, increases your flexibility, stamina and on top of all that you learn a martial art that may one day save your life or that of a member of your family! Kissaki-Kai training includes:

1. Ne-waza - Groundwork, grappling
2. Nage-waza - Throwing techniques
3. Atemi-waza - Vital point striking
4. Shime-waza - Choking techniques
5. Kansetsu-waza - Joint Locking Techniques

Remember, if you train on your own in the gym, there is every temptation to take overlong rest breaks and spend time chatting to others, whereas in a Kissaki class you have group and peer pressure to train and exercise correctly for optimum fitness.

- If you have trained for many years and are not the fastest competition puncher in your club anymore, Kissaki-Kai can offer you meaningful applications and techniques that do not rely on youthful speed and strength alone.


Does this move look familiar? Remember the beginning of Heian Nidan / Pinan Shodan? - This is a real-life self-defense application of the first kata move.  



No need to kick high, if you can make your target come low! - Kissaki prefers to make defensive techniques easy.

You will be welcome to join a seminar in your area, or to attend training at a Kissaki-Kai Dojo. Please email info@kissaki-kai.com to be placed on the free email newsletter list where you can read interesting articles and get the latest news.

- If you are an officer and want to continue your training, Kissaki-Kai has been teaching Law Enforcement techniques to the police and special forces for over 10 years.

Please see our Law Enforcement Training Services Int. 'LETS'-page for details.

Kissaki-Kai Karate-do is right for YOU!